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In 2017 alone, criminals attacked 2.7 million people in violent crimes. If you become one of those victims, a kubotan can help you fight off the attacker.

A kubotan is a stick about six inches long. Most have one slightly pointed end and one blunt end with a keyring.

You can attach this weapon to your keys so it’s ready if someone ever attacks.

There are a number of ways to use this versatile little weapon. Let’s get into it!

Compliance and Restraint
In some cases, you need to restrain an attacker or make them comply with you. You might want to wait for the cops to apprehend them or get them out of your house.

Press the pointed end of the weapon into pressure points throughout the body. That pain restrains the attacker and bends them to your will.

Security guards use this tactic to get dangerous individuals under their control and out of the area they’re protecting.

To effectively use this yourself, study pressure points. Although a kubotan will hurt anywhere you stab it.

Kubotan Stick

Striking with a Kubotan
We taught you the basics of staying safe, but attackers can still catch you off guard. You might not remember the pressure points you’ve learned in the moment.

You can hold the weapon in almost any grip and strike or jab anywhere on the body to inflict pain.

Fighting back against an attacker reduces the risk of rape by 80%. Striking allows you to inflict enough pain to escape your attacker.

Be careful with how far you go when striking, though. You only want to inflict enough pain to get away, but inflicting more can enrage your attacker or get you into trouble.

More experienced fighters might want to calm down an attacker before escape to reduce the risk of being chased. For security officers using this weapon, they can subdue the attacker for arrest.

Use this defense stick to anchor yourself to your attacker’s body. That way, they can’t move to strike you.

Stuck in your grasp, your attacker will calm down before your next move. You can call for help or plan a way to escape.


The best for this purpose is steel. The steel provides the proper weight for fist loading, so you can take down the biggest attacker.

Wrapping Up
When someone attacks, you don't want to be left defenseless. A kubotan is a versatile weapon that you can attach to your keys.

Most people won't notice the weapon, so you can fight back to your advantage. Plus, these small sticks aren't as controversial as other self defense weapons.