Keeping You Safe And Secure At Home And On The Move


No matter how many features your flashlight has, the bottom line is any flashlight is better than no flashlight. This is especially true during an emergency, on your next adventure trip or working on an appliance or the vehicle.

Power outages are an ever frequent problem resulting from an overtaxed power grid that is strained during peak power demand or knocked out of commission during a severe storm that resulted in downed power lines from fallen trees. Fortunately, most power outages do not last long in most case. Regardless of duration they are at minimum an inconvenience and in severe cases a significant problem that can compound an emergency situation.

With the advancement of cell phone technology, every three months a new version is released, it’s now common to have a LED flashlight incorporated into the design. Although this convenience is good for short term use it’s wise to have a regular flashlight or LED lantern available to provide long term lighting.  The cell phone flashlight is best for short period use. Save your battery power for communication.